Eleven Eleven Boxing & Functional Fitness is bringing back classic boxing with a modern twist.

Eleven Eleven is more than just a gym. It’s a place where people can come and connect. Learn, laugh and be a part of a community. It incorporates boxing with functional fitness to give students the best possible training and experience. We welcome all ages, fitness levels and experience into the gym.

Whether you are doing it for fitness, self defence, self confidence, physical and mental health or just for fun, Eleven Eleven have created a positive, supportive family environment for you to achieve your goals.

Camp Starts February 5th

Heavy hitter fight camp

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Get in contact with the Eleven Eleven team and they will be able to guide you towards the best trial offer that suits you! Or if your confident you know what you want, follow the link to get started!

Passes & Memberships

Left, Right, Goodnight

Train like a fighter, Get fit like a fighter! 11 hard rounds going between the pads with one of our experienced coaches, bag work, skills and drills...

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Toe To toe

Turn up & get ready to go Toe to Toe with your workout. 5 x 3 minute boxing rounds followed by a solid superset session of strength and cardio. This workout covers all bases and truly is the perfect balance...

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Skills Pay The Bill$

Boxing is all about doing the 1%ers to perfection. In this session you will begin with a series of boxing related skills and drills to get your hands and feet polished! We mix these in with some killer cardio exercises to get you blowing hard. Follow this with 7 rounds going between the aqua bags and pads in the ring with one of our coaches.

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This is our weekly full body strength focused session. Your chance to hit your PBs on all your favourite compound movements. We run on 4 week strength blocks. Tracking results weekly to make sure we have every chance of bettering ourselves each session.

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Bang For Your Buck

Strap yourself in and get ready for a quick explosive workout to get you ready to tackle your weekend....

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Robbie began competing in the ring in 2013 and finished his career as an undefeated NSW amateur state champion.

Eleven Eleven Boxing started as a personal mission for Robbie; “With gyms on every corner I still couldn’t seem to find one that would tick all of the boxes for my wants and needs, so I built my own!. I am passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves, creating a fun, safe, supportive environment that we can all learn and grow within. A community”

Eleven Eleven Boxing

207/87 Griffith St Coolangatta QLD 4225

Mon - Fri: 5:30am - 7:15pm
Sat: 6am - 8am
Sunday: Closed

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