Eleven Eleven Boxing is ‘The Perfect Balance of Boxing and Strength. We have created space for those wishing to learn the art of boxing whilst hitting all other health and fitness goals at the same time. For those wishing for more then a boxfit class yet less intensity then a fighters gym.

I am taking my skills, experience and passion for boxing and functional fitness and delivering it to the members of Eleven Eleven Boxing. I have created a unique fusion of the two crafts to create something new, dynamic and innovative. I train others the way I love to train myself. I began competing in the ring in 2013 and finished my career undefeated NSW amateur state champion.

With gyms on every corner I still couldn’t seem to find one that would tick all of the boxes for my wants and needs, so I went ahead and built my own. I am passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves, creating a fun, safe, supportive environment that we can all learn and grow within.